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Praise & Worship on Sundays at 9:00 a.m.

Services are one hour and twenty minutes in length with twenty-five minutes of praise and prayer and forty minutes of preaching. A member of our pastoral team will lead the time of worship that includes singing, reading of the Scripture, prayer, and participation in the Lord’s Table (monthly). Our music is a blend of old and new and we use a variety of instruments to aid us in our praise of God. We aim to sing songs that turn us toward God, are full of theological truth, and exalt Jesus Christ.

Our pastoral team has a rotation schedule in the preaching of the Bible. We have a practice of teaching through a book of the Bible from beginning to end by examining the original meaning of the text and how it applies in our lives today.

About Us

Loving God, Loving Others and Serving the World

Whether you’re a young or senior adult, single, or married with kids, you’ll feel encouraged by the authentic community we have at New Deliverance. You can visit as many times as you want without any obligations or pressure. And who knows—you just might decide to make New Deliverance your new church home!


One of the best ways to get connected at New Deliverance is to show up before or after church service. Our team would be glad to share some ways you can get involved—from classes to small groups! For more ways to get connected, visit our Connect page.

At New Deliverance, you’ll see everything from suits to T-shirts and shorts. Wear what makes you feel comfortable—you’re among family here!

The most important reason we give money is that God asks us too. It might seem strange that God would ask people for money. Why would God even need money? God doesn’t ask us to give money for His sake, but for our sake and the sake of the work He is doing through the church. Giving God a portion of our income teaches us trust in God’s provision, good stewardship, and generosity. God says that He will bless those who give cheerfully because they trust God and want to be a part of what He is doing.

On a more practical note, there are many good things that New Deliverance is doing for the people who come to our church, for our community in Waterbury, and in world through missions. It takes money to do all these things. Everyone who gives becomes a part of what God is doing through New Deliverance. Together we can make an impact and help people to experience the love of God and the salvation that Jesus died to give them.

If you are a guest with us, we have no expectation that you will give during the offering time. However, if you decide to donate we want you to know that your gift is tax deductible and you will receive a giving statement every January for what you have given the previous year. This statement can be used when you file your taxes. We recommend that you consult your tax preparer for IRS rules and regulations.

Our Sunday Gatherings are authentic, fun and relaxed, but also intentional. In total, each gathering lasts about 65 minutes. Through practical messages, powerful music, and creative media, we present the truths of the Bible in a way that is easy to understand and apply to your life, even if you’ve never been part of a church before. There is no dress code, so dress comfortably. Our pastors usually wear jeans.

Absolutely! We believe that kids should have a blast at church every single week—and at New Deliverance, we make this a priority. The other thing we make a priority is your children’s safety. Because of that, we have a detailed check-in process for our children’s environments the first time that you visit. You’ll want to leave yourself an extra ten minutes to get signed in for our children’s environments. If you’d like, you can expedite the process by registering your child online before you show up (if possible, register by Saturday at 9:00pm so our team can be prepared for your arrival). We offer a program called Sprouts for kids birth-preK and Relevant Kids for grades K-5. Learn more about our kids environments

You are the reason we started New Deliverance! Our Sunday gatherings are a place for people who are curious about God but have never felt comfortable in a church setting; a place where you can learn, apply, and wrestle with who God is and how He relates to you. We are committed to being relevant to all people, no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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New Deliverance C.O.G.I.C.

Weekly Schedule


  • 7:00am  – Early Bird Service
  • 10:00am  – Morning Service
  • 1:00pm  – Afternoon Service


  • 7:00pm  – Bible Study
  • 11:00  – Irure dolor in reprehenderit in voluptate velit esse cillum dolore